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What I can build for you

I deliver efficiency that keeps infrastructures running smoothly every day. I deliver trusted, reliable solutions which are always up and always repsonsive. I promote technologies and methods which reinforce best practices and security standards.

I promote popular open source software that's actively maintained by real people skilled in software engineering and proudly backed by millions of educated users. I seek software that can be tested and verified by anyone worldwide. I seek software that accurately documents its architecture and its subsystems. I seek software that's actively improved in online forums of user communities where anyone can participate.

I believe the best solutions keep it simple and make use of the right tools for the job by relying on proven technologies and proven methods. So I don't hack code together in kludges. I don't push technologies beyond what they were intended for and designed to do. Everything I do I can explain to you. I'm not about pushing on you languages and technologies which have fallen into industry disuse. And I have no problem with learning new technologies and new methods to make use of the right tools.

What I like to do

I've worked in four industries: E-Commerce, Telcommunications, Security, and Education. I've worked for myself, startups, small businesses, and enterprise companies. I've been a business owner, a consultant, a team leader and an individual contributor. Most of my work has been engineering solutions from vague concepts and networks diagrams working alongside business owners and systems architects.

I worked solo at,,, and I worked in two-person teams at Zayo Group,,,, and I worked part of teams of 20-60 people at Comcast Wholesale,, Time Warner Cable, and CU-Denver.

How I work for you

I know what it takes to be instrumental in all aspects of day to day customer success. I can build strong interpersonal relationships with your technical resources at all levels to improve your products and services. I know how to drive success through teamwork, communication and coordination. I know how to be part of an effective team that delivers excellence. I've led highly collaborative cross-functional teams distributed remotely throughout the world in delivering excellence. I've driven the resolution of highly technical, complex issues. I've authored customer facing, articles and runbooks.

I can give you a detailed, step-by-step breakdown of the entire process and guarantee a fixed hourly rate by a maximum number of hours. I can perform that work on a 1099 contract renewed per week or on a W2 contract renewed per hour, pending your satisfaction of the deliverables. I want you to be happy with the solutions you get from me. I can you give you free consultations and free bug fixes.

My Terms

You can cancel anytime it's convenient for you. You're not bound by any terms to fulfill the contract. You're not required to fulfill a minimum number of work hours. You will know what has been completed according to the step-by-step breakdown of the entire process in an online, shared Google spreadsheet or shared Slack channel or shared IRC channel so you can follow along with my work as it's completed for you.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

I agree to a non-restrictive Non-Disclosure Agreement typical for Software Engineers in the United States with you (and your company) on all information including purposes of "work" and reasons for "work".

Software License

I will agree to a limited open source license that permits you (and your company) to distribute my work and modify my work.


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Jan 2016 – Present

Engineered custom CI/CD pipelines, automated QA platforms, and automated virtual appliances.
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Jan 2016 – Nov 2020

Engineered a HTTPS REST-API for a multi-tenant IO model running on EC2+RDS+S3 scaling.
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Time Warner Cable
Cloud Engineering & Operations
Sep 2015 – Dec 2015

Led black-box testing of OpenStack Swift in data centers nationwide for migration of OpenStack Kilo to OpenStack Liberty
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Adaptive Platforms Strategy & Development
Mar 2015 – Sep 2015

Engineered bare-metal cloud platforms for on-demand, high performance telco microservices based on SDN and NFV using an OpenStack ecosystem of Open Source software.
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Ramsey Grant Brenner & Co, Inc. dba,, and others
Jun 2013 – Dec 2014

Engineered network operations compliant with PCI-DSS 2-3 for five e-commerce companies, and and three upcoming companies.
Click Here, Inc.
Aug 2012 – Aug 2012

Engineered a fully automated virtual security appliance based on FreeBSD and Open Source software, critical to PCI DSS 2 compliance.
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Apr 2011 – Nov 2012

Engineered a small international business that provided on-demand engineering of Linux servers with Open Source software via both same-day emails and remote administration.
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University of Colorado
Modern Languages Lab & Multimedia Center
Mar 2010 – Mar 2013

Engineered network operations for cloud of CentOS servers and openSUSE multimedia desktops on Citrix XenServer; compliant with UCD IT Policies, Modern Languages Lab Policies.
Click Here, Inc.
Jan 2010 – Dec 2010

Engineered another first to market product that involved reverse-engineering similar technology found in Open Source software: Live Linux with Integrated Read-Write Storage.
Click Here, Inc.
Jan 2009 – Dec 2009

Engineered a first to market product that involved reverse-engineering similar technology found in Open Source software: Software Repositories on CD/DVD Media.
Click Here, Inc.
Aug 2005 – Jan 2008

Engineered resolution of systems integration issues of bleeding-edge and cutting-edge Open Source technologies in Linux, BSD, Solaris.
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Search-Strings Combinatorics Engine
Jan 2009 – Dec 2009

Returns every possible combination of list of subjects and their components according to list of requirements, as search-strings for Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN.
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Dynamic Knowledge Base Web Portal
Jan 2011 – Dec 2012

Determines statistical relevancy of keywords related to problems within collection; both keyword order and keyword position return results as links.
Click Here Encrypted Checkout
Jan 2011 – Dec 2012

Java servlet encrypts HTTP 1.1 session data over HTTPS-TLS as AES 256-bit file then responds with credit card payment form hosted on
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DeepSentry Security Application Software
Jan 2012 – Dec 2016

Cyber security intelligent agent developed in C that uses machine learning to remotely enforce the "right" behaviors of users and services.
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Python MetaLanguage Compiler
Jan 2015 – Dec 2016

Programmable security policy developed in Python3 that converts a config file into simple machine language instructions to be managed and executed by DeepSentry's intelligent agent.
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C Multi-Language Compiler
Jan 2015 – Dec 2016

Programmable security policy developed in C that combines any semantics of C with DeepSentry's API in addition to compiled languages and interpreted languages as literal blocks of code.
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Managed Security Service Provider HTTPS REST-API
Jan 2017 – Jul 2018

Collection of JSON microservices, HATEOAS compliant, on PostgreSQL developed in Golang with private TLS certificates, private 2048-bit SSH2 keys, real PL/PgSQL pagination.
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Jan 2010 – Dec 2014

University of Colorado at Denver

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration & Information Technology, GPA 3.2/4.0, Academic Awards: 2
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Completed 8 courses in information technology

Completed 9 courses in business administration

Completed 7 courses in math and extras

Jan 2008 – Jan 2010

Community College of Denver

Associate of Science, Business Administration & Information Technology, CCD's Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, GPA 3.9/4.0, Academic Awards: 4
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Completed 10 courses in information technology

Completed 3 courses in business administration

Completed 8 courses in math and extras

Typical Workflow

Free Meetings

I work with you to determine the technology for your project by helping you come up with a list of your project's capabilities and a list of your project's requirements. I give you a detailed breakdown, step-by-step of what's involved to complete your project. I work with you to draft a guaranteed plan that delivers your project in time and on budget. I guarantee to complete your project by a fixed hourly rate per a maximum number of hours.


I use your list of your project's capabilities and your list of your project's requirements to build a system of separated network services in a isolated local network within a testing environment. I ensure this system satisfies your project's basic requirements via QA testing. In this special environment components of your project are glued together using shell scripts, process scheduling, and common tooling.

Minimum Viable Product / Proof of Concept

I use your project's prototypes to build a system of integrated network services in a production-like network within a development environment. I prove this system represents proof of concept with the minimum features to satisfy your project's capabilities and your project's requirements via QA testing. I ensure your system is operational, but it may need further customization to be ready for your production environment.

Final Product

I use your project's minimum viable product to build a system of integrated network services that's operational and ready for your end-users. I ensure this system has been customized for the needs of your production environment. I prove the features of this system satisfies your project's capabilities and your project's requirements via QA testing and independent verification.

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